Thursday, March 17, 2011

Why A Thunderbolt?

I thought it would be appropriate for my first post to explain why I upgraded to the htc thunderbolt. I’ve been rocking a rooted motorola droid 1 since it’s launch, and I have really enjoyed the phone and the android platform. Android’s freedom and customizable ui make it the perfect mobile operating system for me. I really enjoy following the different rom developers and always being on the cutting edge of this platform, that only root access can provide.

The thunderbolt seemed like the perfect upgrade for me because I wanted a phone I could have a similar experience on with rooting and customization but with a phone with far superior specs. Yes, I could have waited for the bionic or something with better specs coming later this year, but honestly, I didn’t want to wait when there is no guarantee of them having unlock-able boot loaders. So far, there seems to be enough evidence that the thunderbolt with gain root, quickly and easily. We will see in the coming days. Also, I love most of the aspects of the thunderbolt including the next gen snapdragon processor, the 768mb ram, 4.3” slcd screen, 1.3mp ffc, etc, etc.

This blog will track my adventures and experiences with the htc thunderbolt and provide help and resources for other thunderbolt owners. Stay tuned as I will be receiving my thunderbolt Monday from wirefly.

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