Wednesday, April 18, 2012

[Thunderbolt] How to Root 2.11.605.9 Without Downgrading

In the video posted below I show you how to temp root 2.11.605.9. This allows you to then go on and use revolutionary to root your thunderbolt without having to downgrade and lose all your data. Additional info and links for my follow-up how to root using revolutionary video can be found in this videos description.

[Droid Razr] Video Collection

I am now supporting the Droid Razr and Razr Maxx with rooting, roming, customizing, ubricking, etc videos. Check out the links below for all of my current videos on the droid razr.

[Kindle Fire] How to Root 6.3

Follow the link below for my newest video on how to root the newest 6.3 update on the Kindle Fire.

*Note: After following the video, you may still need to sideload the superuser app. If you do, read the notice at the top of the video description for download links and easy instructions.