Monday, May 23, 2011

Das BAMF 2.0

Das BAMF 2.0, which is built from the leaked gingerbread rom, has hit and is sporting many of the cool features from sense 3.0 including the lockscreen, weather, weather wallpaper, and more. This build does require the leaked gingerbread radio to be flashed.

Update: Leaked gingerbread radio has been known to brick phones, proceed with caution.


  1. Gb radio caused no service did it 3 times then went back to alt radio where can u get good file tried the one on xda

  2. I used the one found here when I flashed this rom
    Its at the bottom of the first post labeled alpha gingerbread radio

    How did you flash it?
    I believe your suppose to do as follows:
    1.)put the pg05img (the radio) on the root of your sd card
    2.)have the rom zip on your sd card also
    3.)boot to recovery and flash the rom
    4.) then DO NOT REBOOT, either use adb and do abd reboot bootloader, or do like I did and just pull the battery, then put the battery back in, then hold the power button and volume down till you boot to bootloader
    5.) then flash the radio in bootloader
    6.) reboot phone

    Note: The leaked gingerbread radio has been known to brick phones