Wednesday, October 26, 2011

How to Downgrade Incredible 2, 2.3.4 Bootloader to Root

At the moment, revolutionary will only root an Incredible 2 running 2.3.3. If you've upgraded to 2.3.4 then you've been out of luck. If you follow this thread (and the original method thread linked in this thread) you should be able to downgrade your boot loader to the 2.3.3 boot loader so you can root using revolutionary. I can't provide much support for this since I do not have an incredible 2 anymore.



I've now made a How To video showing this procedure. Follow the link below for the video.

How To Video Link


  1. Thanks bud, I really do appreciate this.(:

  2. Although I am getting stuck. :\
    Do you know why my computer won't allow me to CD to a zip file? That's what I'm apparently suppose to do for this. :\

  3. @ThomasH u are suppose to extract it first.

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