Sunday, December 25, 2011

[Kindle Fire] How to Root Version 6.2.1

New video using jcase's burrito root is up showing how to root the new software version that patched the old rooting methods.

After following that video, you can install the android market using the video below.


  1. hi, i had previously rooted my device by this way ( ), but after then I don't have a SuperUser App, instead a new App “Bionic Bootstrapper” is created after the rooting (actually i don't have an idea what it is).

    i don't know whether i had successfully rooted my device. the Root Checker basic mode told me i didn't root my device but the advanced mode told me that i did (but with some special situation that i previously mentioned in your another post in youtube If i use your method to re-root my kindle, do i need to undo the previous stuff (e.g. unroot)?

  2. I don't think you would need to unroot first.

  3. thanks.

    but when i try to install android market as instructed in your youtube video, i can't change the mount to R/W as it stated "your advice doesn't appear to be rooted".

    so i don't know what should i do to proceed further...

  4. So I rooted my kindle fire with ur latest video using burritoroot...but it seems there is no longer a unroot option with this method. Can you suggest a video/tutorial of the correct way. Any help is appreciated ....thanks Sid

  5. If u just want to temp unroot to watch amazon video u can get the app ota rootkeeper , use the temp unroot feature then reboot and u should be good. I'm pretty sure u can still use the superoneclick unroot method as I showed in my first how to root and unroot the kindle fire video if u want to completely unroot, or u could always just do a factory reset