Friday, September 30, 2011

Official MR3 Gingerbread 2.11.605.3 OTA

Here is a link for the stock gingerbread OTA, system build 2.11.605.3, but it is rooted and debloated. For everyone who wants to stay stock but have root and no bloat, this rom is for you. Yes, you need to register with the forum to download, but team bamf does great work so its worth it.

ROM Link

Need help flashing the ROM? Check out This video.

Here is the radio that came with this OTA. The MR3 radio. Thanks go to Andrynalyn for the radio link.

Radio Link

MD5: CB2ABFCBF83F1680AFB7178558AFB6D0

Need help flashing the radio? Check out This video.


  1. Hi Nate, its joedrums8a, the dude who has been bugging you on youtube.

    I flashed the radio, then rebooted. I don't have the premium version of ROM Manager (didn't know you needed it to install from SD card), so I was going to do it from Clockwork recovery.

    When I hold power & vol down to boot into recovery, it still automatically updates to the radio from the .zip file I downloaded from your blog. It doesn't give me the chance to select 'recovery' and begin the process of flashing the ROM. Should I remove the radio .zip file now that I've flashed it?

    Please advise.

    Thanks again,

  2. Hey. Ya just delete the radio file.

  3. POW! Got it working! Thank you again, so so much!

  4. Hey Nate,

    I've been running the leaked GB Rom you helped me with (thank you again, by the way), but overnight it seems that my TB automatically DL'ed the gingerbread update verizon pushed out. Now, my phone is stuck on a screen with an exclamation point, an android guy, and a triangle.

    I tried taking the battery out for a few seconds, then rebooting, but it only stays up for a few seconds, then powers down and tries the update again, leaving me w/that screen.

    Any advice?

    - Joe P

  5. never mind.. I followed the instructions here: and i'm right as rain!

    Thanks dude!

  6. Hi Nate, I'm an IT guy for 20 years and this stuff confuses me. So many points to remember...

    Anyway, I've rooted stock many times with your youtube clips. Thanks for that..!

    I am now ready for change, for what I hope is the last time. But I don't know what to do. Do I just use CWR or ROM Manager to load the rom of do I have do go thru the whole ADB steps again?

    HTC TBolt
    Android: 2.2.1
    Build: 1.70.605.0
    Software: 1.70.605.0
    PRI: 1.41_002, 1.64_002
    PRL: 15061
    ERI: 5

  7. @kaptainobvious so u want to install a rom correct?

    all u need to do is pick out a rom u like (bamf forever is great) and follow my how to install rom video using ur downloaded rom.

    Let me know if u have any other questions after watching that video

  8. Thanks Nate! I flashed BAMF-F 1.08 and it looks awesome!

    Now I am trying to load the BAMF-F 1.09 patch on top. So I reinstalled ROM Manager but when I select "Install ROM from SD Card" in ROM Manager I get a warning as follows:

    "Flashing an update package on a recovery other than ClockworkMod Recovery may not work properly. Proceed?"

    Do I continue with OK?

  9. @kaptainobvious yeah proceed if u have clockworkmod recovery, which I'm sure u do unless u changed it. Might wanna make a backup first in ROM manager just in case before u flash it. also, u probably know this but u don't wipe anything when installing a patch.

  10. Nate, you are Das MAN! Thanks for the help... as usual. I am now running BAMF-F v1.0.9 and loving it. :-)