Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Das BAMF 3.0 RC1

The great guys over on the bamf team have really outdone themselves this time. This is a FULL port of sense 3.0 for the thunderbolt. Check out the link below for details and download links.

Update: RC3 is out.

Update: Check out the HTC Thunderbolt page for the most up to date version.


  1. Hey Nat,

    Not sure where to post questions but here I go. I recently flashed das bamf remix 2.1. It is running great and the radio has not bricked my phone =) But I cannot mount my phone to my PC. It is not being read. I wanted to flash some patches and themes but what can I do to mount my card?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. @luis Hey,

    Yeah this is a common issue with the gingerbread roms. What you need to do it this...

    1. plug your phone into your computer
    2. change from 'charge only' to 'internet pass through' and select done.
    3. you should get some message box on your phone. selec 'ok' or whatever is on the message i cant remember
    4. then go back into the notification bar and switch it to disk drive mode
    5. after a few seconds your sd should be mounted

    let me know if this works for you, it does for me

  3. Nat,

    I've done what you suggested. My TB says it cannot connect internet pass through but it does show the icon. After i switched it to disk drive but it is still not connecting on my PC. Anything else i can do? thanks again for your help

  4. Nat,

    It did finally work. Windows suggested a fix and i clicked yes. A friend is suggesting I download a usb fix to my SD card. Have you heard of this?

  5. @luis
    Yeah its not suppose to connect to internet pass. Wait a while before you switch it back to disk drive. Like 1 minute. I use this method so I know it works, its a little finicky though ;)

    If you cant get this method working, you can mount the sd from recovery. Just reboot your phone to recovery, then navigate to mounts and storage and select usb mass storage.

  6. @luis I havent used it or know if thats what it fixes but you would get it here

    let me know if that fixes it if you use it

  7. It didn't work. I got it to mount via your first suggestion. Thanks again, Nat. Keep up the great blog!