Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thunderbolt Radio Pack

I compiled all the released or leaked thunderbolt radios into one convenient pack. Below you can see exactly what is included in the pack and find a download link. I take no credit for the actual radio releases.

Thunderbolt Radio Pack V2
Compiled By nat3mil

  • Stock 1.12.605.6
  • MR1 Froyo 1.13.605.7
  • MR2 Froyo-Ginger 1.70.605.0
  • LEAKED Alpha Ginger 2.01.605.7
  • LEAKED MR2 Ginger 1.66.605.6
  • LEAKED MR2.5 Ginger 1.68.605.3
  • MD5 Sum Tool & All Radio's MD5 Sums

MD5 Of Pack:

Update: I updated this information with the new radio pack version 2.


  1. Thx for your awesome info.
    I rooted my HTC TB through Revolutionary and flashed Das BAMF 3.0 RC1 Rom.
    After that my TB reboot and my TB lost the service reception..
    I love everything with the rom.
    only problem is cant make a phone call..
    Would you suggest one of the Radio file?
    plz help..and thx again..

  2. @phyxable yeah you just need to update your radio. I would suggest the official mr2 that is found in this pack. you can follow my video on how to flash radios to the thunderbolt if you need help flashing

  3. Thx alot dude~
    You save my Ass!!!