Monday, September 12, 2011

BAMF Forever

The BAMF team has just released a new, true gingerbread sense 3.0 ROM (not sense 2.1 with 3.0 elements). I've tested it out with boot manager and it is pretty slick!

Here are some of the ROM's features (list taken from their post, v1)
  • A new version of Sense 3.0
  • 2.11.605.0 modified base to fix camera issues
  • BAMF toolkit
  • Wake on Volume
  • Reboot options, including screenshot feature from our resident bad ***, ihtfp69
  • Extended quick settings
  • All of the typical bamf UI tweaks you have grown to love, plus one more. I will keep that a surprise
  • Fully working HTC Sense Hub
  • Overglow animations(1.0.1)
  • Redraw fix (1.0.1)
  • Battery percentages from uber with the cool red lightning bolt (1.0.1)
  • Bugs SHOULD be minimal, but please report what you find


  1. Are there any GPS or camera known issues?

    I had Uber Bamf and about a week into it my camera crashed. My friend mentioned the most common problems with ROMS are GPS and cam. Not gonna lie but that camera issue screwed me, lol. Some mentioned there was a camera zip update that would fix it but I never got around to trying it cause I already set everything back to stock. Have you heard anything about a camera update to fix that?

    And lastly, I assume that MR2 is required being that it is Sense 3.0 Gingerbread?

  2. @Brandon J. Cobb

    Here are the only known issues listed in the post
    "Sometimes calls cannot be answered. See Approved mods section for possible workaround
    Mobile Data widget under HTC Settings widgets does not work."

    camera and gps worked great for me on it. if you do have camera issues that camera fix zip ive heard works great. theres a link in my forums.

    yeah the mr2+ is required

  3. This will be the first ROM I've flashed, so I'm a little uncertain.

    I saw a post that said you need to flash two radios: Is this true? If so, how is this done? Do you flash them one after the other via the method you show in your video?

    Also, there is a file in your radio package download called (in the Official folder). I see that this says MR2 and Ginger, but does BAMF Forever require a leaked radio?

    Thanks for any information you can provide. I've read up as much as I can find but am struggling on these issues.

  4. @Matt Soave

    You only need to flash two radios when the radio files are separated, one for the cdma radio, and one for the lte. If you use my radio pack, each radio file has both, so you only flash one file. This is a better way to do it imo.

    Before flashing a radio, you should check your current radio version because you might not need to upgrade at all. so go menu > settings > about phone > software info (> more) baseband version

    if it reads,

    then your good to go you already have the official mr2 radio which is compatible with all gingerbread roms.

    if it doesnt read that, then you would need to flash the official MR2 radio that you referred to in your post from my pack.

    forever does not require a leaked radio. official mr2 works great.

  5. Nate, thanks so much for your help and for your quick response. You made everything very clear and your videos were great to follow along. Definitely appreciate all you're doing for us Thunderbolt owners. Happy to say I'm running BAMF Forever 1.0.5 with everything working properly.

    Btw I'm the Matt Soave that added you on Google+, in case you were wondering, haha. Take care.

  6. Nate its me your number one fan lol

    Im still on cyanogeon mod cuase gingeritis screwed me over

    Is mabmf 3 forever flawless like cyangoen

    If so can you gimme link please

  7. @Xxaimbkstarxx

    I havent used it long enough to tell you, still on cm7 myself

    link is right up in the post ;)

  8. Ahh ok Cm 7 im still on it but its having internet problems and its not using internet so i have to reboot my phone very frequently to use internet whats the porblem

    #1 fan